In 2006, Jim joined US Travel as the Graphics and Web Manager, where he was responsible for print and multi-media design; data-driven websites; and web based applications. After leaving US Travel, Jim worked for Morris Communications, MSI Communications, and Talking Circle Media. There, he gained experience in web development, motion graphics, and multimedia production. Jim also developed an original content management system, ModeCMS. Ultimately, the enthusiasm for his product necessitated the foundation of Rainfall Media, a media production company specializing in print and web design; motion graphics; and video production.

In the course of my career I’ve worked to develop marketing strategies, copy, and the production of print, website, radio, multi-media and video working primarily with Adobe Creative Suite of tools. My skill sets also include data driven websites using PHP (OOP), JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL and use of various Content Management Systems to include WordPress and Pinnacle Cart.


Anchorage Times — 1990-1992
Commercial Graphics – Created display ads, illustration, special sections and pagination. Also monitored and maintained Lino 530s and Rips.

Design Associates — 1992-1999
Co-Owner – The business provided graphics, illustration, pre-press, 3D modeling/animation and website production for various business an ad agencies.

GraphicsCom — 1999-2012
Owner – Worked on several nationwide vertical market websites creating graphics, multi-media projects for web distribution along with collateral print material (flyers, magazine ads, business cards, banners) and create sales presentations; Worked with and managed other vendors such as voiceover talents, graphic, web and Flash designers.

USTravel — 2006-2009
Graphics/Web Manager – Responsible for maintaining and redesign of websites, production of online and print advertising materials along with collaterals (flyers, magazine ads, business cards, RFP). I also designed and integrated web-based workflow processes for internal and external clients.

Morris communications LLC. — 2009-2012
Graphics/Multi-Media/Web Master/Developer – Responsible for maintaining and redesign of websites and web services, production of online media elements and data management.

MSI communications LLC. — 2012-2013
Graphics/Multi-Media/Web Master/Developer – Responsible for maintaining and redesign of websites and web services, production of online media elements and data management.

Talking Circle Media — 2013-2014
Motion Graphics Artist- Created motion graphics 2D/3D and edited video.

Freelancer — 2013-Present
Responsible for the creation and redesign of websites and web services; production of online media elements; video editing, motion graphics and 3d animation; WordPress development, customer themes and modules; PHP scripting, Database Design and Management (LAMP).

Art Direction & Project Management
While having excellent conceptual and organizational skills I believe that my biggest asset is interacting with clients to understand their needs and desires and how that will work with the overall marketing strategy. I have experience in hiring creative talent/outsource vendors, conveying the project goals, and overseeing their work to meet budgets and deadlines within the context of the overall project.

Web Production
Software: Adobe DreamWeaver CC, Flash CC, Edge, NaviCat
In addition to the standard XHTML I’m also fluent with CSS, DHTML, JavaScript and templating aspects of web site creation. I’ve also been creating data-driven websites using PHP (OOP), jQuery and MySQL which I’ve created web forms, auto-responders, client account creation/login and content management, database queries and insertions.

Software: Adobe Flash CC, AfterEffects CC, Premiere CC, Cinema 4D R16 Studio
With Flash I’ve created animated presentations with audio and by using ActionsScripting 2 & 3 created applications such as calculators, audio/video players and dynamic navigation systems. Using AfterEffects I’ve produced both TV commercials and Video Clips for internet use, Animation Master I’ve created animated 3D character with lip-sync to voiceover talent. With Cinema 4D I’ve created animated logos and other elements.

Software: Adobe PhotoShop CC/Illustrator CC, Cinema 4D R16 Studio
I have an in-depth understanding of PhotoShop and Illustrator having used them both for over 20 years. I’ve used Animation Master to primarily create 3D product illustrations and a few animations.

Pre-Press & Pagination
Software: Adobe PhotoShop CC/Illustrator CC/InDesign CC